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Paid Advertising

What is Paid Advertising?

Paid advertising is a digital way of advertising your brand online on various platforms like Social Media, Search engines or even on popular websites where there is an opportunity of getting maximum visibility.  You need to pay these platforms or networks for the ads which you run. There are wide range of ads to choose from depending on the goal you want to achieve like video ads, display ads, Search ads, pop-up ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and more.

There are distinct ways to pay for these ads as sometimes you pay per click that is when someone clicks on your ad, you need to pay to advertiser. If your ad is for brand awareness, in that case you need to pay per 1000 impressions or views that is once the ad is shown 1000 times then money will be deducted.

Types of Paid Advertising

1.Google Paid ads

Google provides an advertising platform where you (every organization) can run ads to promote your products or services. Google offers diverse ad options to you (advertisers) to choose from depending on the objective you want to achieve like brand awareness, reach, lead generation, conversion, etc. It is frequently used by advertisers nowadays because of varied options of creating ads and it also gives amazing results as Google has billions of users. Due to billions of users, you (advertisers) get immense visibility, engagement, conversions, and ROI resulting in huge boost to your brand. Google ads are the most effective platform which every organization uses to increase their visibility and sales.

2.Facebook ads

Facebook Ads are the most effective, fast, and affordable way of advertising. Facebook ads are very popular among advertiser for greater visibility and lead generation as it is comparatively cheaper than Google. So, for smaller brands, it is a more suitable option.

Facebook ads really works well as it offers a high level of audience targeting in terms of interest, demographics, etc. A huge amount of audience use Facebook platform and share lot of analytical information which can be used to optimize ads for better conversion.

A lot of iterations and optimization can be done using this data provided by Facebook and with a successful strategy, you get a good ROAS from Facebook ads. Facebook offers wide range of advertising objectives; marketers can choose the objective that fulfills their business goals. When we are designing an ad campaign, Facebook gives lot of suggestions regarding texts and images according to our brand identity and assists us while choosing the audience in terms of interests, demographic, etc.

3.Instagram ads

In the last few years, Instagram has become one of the top influential social media, offering a wide array of opportunities for advertisers at reasonable pricing. If Instagram ads are designed right, and the campaign is planned effectively, it can do wonders for brands aiming to form their social platforms’ identities. Most small businesses start ad campaigns on social media through Instagram and then gradually move towards other platforms. Having already formed an identity on Instagram, it becomes easier to run ad campaigns on other Social media websites.

4.YouTube paid ads

YouTube ads are another prevalent form of paid advertisement. YouTube ads are most popular because they provide advertisers with the opportunity to unleash their creativity in the form of visuals and attract as many potential customers as possible through their ads’ creativity. Ads on YouTube are highly affordable and influential at the same time. YouTube ads only require the right monetization strategies to reach the interested audience. If practical, brands can witness a rapid increase in their sales and profits.

6.Amazon ads

Brands seeking to form an identity in the e-commerce marketplace should opt for Amazon paid ads. These refer to the sponsored products displayed on Amazon, aiming to increase the displayed products’ purchase opportunities. Amazon ads are a great way to advertise products being offered along with images of the products. Amazon is considered one of the biggest online marketplaces, and the audience on the website has the goal to purchase products. The right advertising strategy can make any brand a prominent seller on Amazon.

The Benefits of Paid Advertising

Paid ads form part of the most important channels in your digital marketing strategy but they need to be used accurately in order to see results and convert leads into customers.

Here are some benefits of using paid advertising:

Paid advertising is an affordable way to advertise or remarket your products or services to the right audience. It’s also easy to keep track of how much money is being spent, and in order to avoid overspending on ads, you can set a budget limit on your ad spend. For example, if your objective is website traffic or leads then you will opt for a cost-per-click (CPC), or if your aim is brand awareness you will opt for a CPM (Cost per 1,000 Impressions). Ads can be created in mere minutes and there are many tools that help you to create the necessary images at very little or no cost at all. For example, Google Responsive Ads automatically adjust in size appearance, and format to fit any available ad space on the Google Display Network. Google then applies machine learning to serve only the ads that perform the best for you.

All paid advertising platforms offer users enough data to analyze the performance of the ads for users to make decisions on whether or not the ads are working.

Most types of paid advertising can be used to promote your brand. Creating brand awareness helps your audience become familiar with your products and services by placing them on popular channels such as Google and Facebook, helping you keep up with the competition.

When creating ads across advertising platforms, you need to target the ads to an audience that will result in the ads being clicked on. These audiences are fine-tuned over time but in order for paid advertising to be effective, properly defining this target audience is crucial!

Paid ad targeting provides various features to have very specific targeting and allows you to reach relevant visitors who are interested in your brand. You can choose the exact geographic location where you want to promote your brand and also the demographic of your consumers so that your ads are being shown to the people who are actually going to buy your products or services.

Let’s say you own a Gym. It would be best to show your ad to the people in the within the range of 7-8 km radius of your gym so that you are not spending your budget unnecessarily.

Once you run ads, check your analytics to get insights about keywords, demographics, location, information about users like interests, etc., and fine-tune your ads according to these details provided by all the advertising platforms for better returns.

Paid advertising is a must-have for small startup businesses as this form of advertising increases traffic to the website. Websites take some time to rank organically, whereas paid ads provide you with the opportunity to appear higher on search engines from the start.

Using remarketing or retargeting ads in your paid advertising strategy allows you to re-engage with prospects that have previously visited your website. The timing and relevance of these ads will be what turns prospects into customers.

Retargeting ads are offered by advertising platforms to retarget the visitors who have visited your website or engaged in your brand. That means they are interested in your products. Now through retarget ads you can show them relevant ads again which increases the chances of conversion. People tend to forget as ads overflow all over the internet, but with retargeting ads, they will recollect your brand and you will stay on their minds.

Whenever they want to buy that product, they would definitely think of you and will visit your website thereby increasing your ROI.

Final Thoughts

Paid advertising is a faster way to reach your target audience. It offers distinct ways of advertising which can be used depending on the objective you want to achieve. Any brand which chooses the right type of strategy and implements it through a planned strategy, benefit from it and can increase its conversion.

Ad strategy must be organized in such a manner that it appeals to the audience and attract your potential customers to your brand. A perfect strategy would definitely give you amazing results and it would be better, if you hire an agency or a person to manage because ads involves lot of variables that only an expert can understand.


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